Wagner Hearing Aid Center was founded in 1959 by Robert V. Wagner. Mr. Wagner had worked for several years in Roanoke for Beltone Hearing Aid Company. He started a Beltone franchise in Charlottesville and subsequently expanded to Harrisonburg and Staunton.  In 1971, he incorporated as an independent (non-Beltone) multi-line dispenser in order to offer a broader product line.  In the 1980’s, he opened part-time offices in Culpeper and Waynesboro.  For several years, there were part time offices at Fredericksburg and Luray.

Mr. Wagner was always an innovator in the hearing aid industry. He was one of the first to move his business activities from door-to-door sales to a fixed office location, operating from doctor and client referrals.  He worked closely with hearing aid and earmold manufacturers in developing new earmold and hearing aid technology.  He was also active in promoting delivery of low cost hearing aids to third world countries through donations of services and products from America.

Mr. Wagner retired to Arizona in 1992. He died from Lou Gehrigs Disease on November 20, 1999.  His sons, Bruce and Eric, continue the business in his tradition.


We look out for the long-term best interests of our clients. Well over half of our sales are made to repeat customers or those who have been sent to us by our satisfied clients.  Our clients can expect us to recommend the most suitable hearing aid to meet their needs.

Many times, we will repair old hearing aids rather than sell new ones. If a new aid would be better than repairing an old one, we will say so.  If however, you would prefer that we repair your old hearing aid, we will do our best to accomplish the repair assuming that parts are available.

We will help our clients choose the most appropriate style and performance level. We will not push the most expensive or complicated product just to make more money. We custom order hearing aids for each client instead of pushing a product just because it’s in stock. A carefully fitted basic level hearing aid is often superior to a sloppy, rushed fitting of a premium level hearing aid. Two hearing aids are usually better than one, but if a client only wants one aid, or if only one aid is the best choice, we will fit one aid. We feel that two basic hearing aids are generally better than one premium aid, but there are exceptions.

We never solicit sales by telephone, and we rarely send bulk mail advertisements.  We do not use high-pressure sales techniques. Our employees are not pressured to make sales, nor are they paid sales commissions. Our employees are paid a modest but decent salary with excellent benefits and pleasant working conditions. We believe that a stable, contented work force will best serve our clients.

For us, fitting hearing aids is challenging, interesting, and rewarding.  We are proud of the service we provide for our clients. Your comments are always welcome. Email us by visiting our Contact page.