Primary Product Line includes SivantosStarkeyResoundOticonPhonakUnitron. We service ALL makes and models.

Each of these product lines has earned a very high standing in the hearing aid market place. They each feature a complete line of digital hearing aids. They each have excellent service departments and work closely with Wagner Hearing Aid Centers to provide quality products and dependable service.

Sivantos (formerly Siemens) is a German company providing a wide array of products. They offer high performance but practical solutions. They also have a line of basic hearing aids that mimic the sound and function of older analog hearing aids. Their custom products are available with analog style “on-off” volume controls. Many of the small behind the ear models have a dual function “rocker” style control for both volume and program. Siemens also has a rechargeable battery option as well as a truly waterproof model. Siemens also manufactures hearing aids for Miracle Ear©.

Starkey is the largest in-the-ear hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Starkey has a complete line of hearing aid products and there is an excellent customer relationship between Wagner Hearing Aid Centers and Starkey.

Resound is a Danish company that was a pioneer in digital gearing aids using technology developed at Bell Laboratories. Resound is an excellent chouce for those who want a high tech solution in a small package. Resound also manufactures Beltone© Hearing Aids.

Oticon is also a Danish company. They carry an astounding array of products from ultra basic to super high performance. Oticon does a particularly good job with high power products for the severely hearing impaired.

Phonak is a Swiss company and is one of our favorites, because they offer almost everything we want for our clients. We particularly like the fact that their low and mid-priced products have many of the features that are only available with competitors higher priced products. Phonak is especially strong with wireless and Bluetooth solutions for cellphones, remote microphones, and televisions.

Unitron is a Canadian company that is owned by the parent company of Phonak. Unitron uses the same computer chip as Phonak, but with their own interpretation. Unitron uses “speech enhancement” as opposed to the usual “noise reduction” feature. They have almost all of the features of a Phonak, at a slightly lower price point, making them our other favorite.

We sell many other brands and models, but these are our primary suppliers. Hearing aids vary only slightly in appearance by manufacturer. You can view photos of some of the products we offer by going to our Product Gallery.